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Kinktra Unmasked

Oct 17, 2018

Submit your ears, hearts and bodies to the ever so sensual Isabella Sinclaire, in this episode we share some invaluable knowledge about the Dominatrix role. Combined with tips about the exquisite occupation of a professional Dominatrix, we explore the combination of power exchange between the Domination/submission role. We also dive into a wide range of knowledge in different erotic fantasy role-play and fetishes, practices with equipment, and the almost mystical ability to intuit a client’s deep-seated psychosexual needs. Isabella Sinclaire kick started her career while in her early 20's as a professional dominatrix and fetish model. Upon realizing her persona was a highly marketable product, she began producing custom videos for those who dreamed of experiencing her sessions in person, but lived too far away. She had solely owned a dungeon and production studio in Los Angeles for over 22 years, is the US representative for Demask Latex with a private showroom with plans to open a store in Los Angeles and 2018 she announced her own BDSM product line with XR Brands.

With all of this experience as a foundation, and from her insider's view into the deepest recesses of people’s minds, both male and female, Isabella Sinclaire has gained an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of those who engage in BD/SM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism) activities. She remains very much a part of the fetish community and continues to hold lectures and training sessions, both privately and publicly throughout the world.