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Kinktra Unmasked

Mar 6, 2019

Olivia Glass has that classically sexy look and a perfect "classic pinup" vibe that makes her a must-see for anyone who's serious about adult movies. Her elegant features and long legs make her look like she's stepped right off the runway — and into your fantasies. Olivia is an adult star who is adventurous, exhibitionistic, and wild in every sense of the word. Olivia steps into our studio and quickly melts our hearts with her incredibly beautiful eyes, she shares her journey into the adult industry as well as her journey as a model and her cameos in a few mainstream films. Olivia shares some tips and tricks that you can surely take in and out of the bedroom so take out your pens and paper and get ready to take some invaluable notes because class is in session.

About Olive Glass

The photogenic and breathtakingly beautiful Olive was born on February 18, 1990, in Logan, Utah, USA. The twenty-seven-year-old babe with mesmerizing eyes and natural body is a model, an actress, an artist as well as an adult performer. She has spent her childhood in Utah and wasn’t always the sexy and self-confident woman as she is today.Besides her work in adult films, Olive has posed for numerous popular and prestigious magazines such as Penthouse, Sticks and Stones, Surreal Beauty, Alt Noir, Votive,  Fuzion UK, Womanroute, Magazine Senza Respiro, Silvershotz, Dark Beauty, Phoenix New Times, Vogue Italia, Black+Grey, and so on. At the age of 20 (2010), the brunette artist has joined the adult entertainment industry. New York was her home for a while when she was struggling as an artist; then she focused on her modeling career, which as she explains was a real rollercoaster. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles and has a successful career of 7 years in the porn world. Resembling those gorgeous pin-up models from 50s with her short bangs and bob hairstyle, Olive has performed mostly in lesbian, lingerie, bondage, hardcore and striptease scenes. Olive is an accomplished model and an adult star, but she is also an actress who has appeared in film and music videos such as Adam Sandler’s “The Do-Over”, “The Woods” (short film), “Here We Are” (music video). In June 2017 she was Penthouse Pet of the month.