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Kinktra Unmasked

Jun 26, 2019

The idea of a female drag queen may sound like an oxymoron, but there’s a thriving scene of women who perform their own version of outlandish hyperfemininity. While women have been drag kings for decades – women performing as men – female queens are a new-ish addition to the scene, who are peeling away layers of gender identity. It’s a deliciously complicated web to untangle: these are women, performing as what would have been (historically, at least) a man performing as a woman. Female queens are traversing gender boundaries as well as putting on outrageously entertaining performances, now meet the incredibly talented No, No, Notorious Ali Doom this exotic queen takes us on her incredibly journey as a drag queen, finding her sexuality, and establishing her house Yes my loves she is Mother to the house of DOOM! So what are you waiting for? Set a bubble bath, turn on some candles and let us take you on a 30-minute journey in art of female drag.

About Ali Doom

I started my performance career in 2009 as a burlesque dancer studying under Miss Exotic World 2002. I performed mostly in straight bars as filler between rockabilly bands. It was fun for a moment but I always felt like something was lacking. Like I wasn’t reaching my fullest potential, and like I was being fully appreciated. That’s when I discovered drag. I was between relationships and wasn’t aware of my sexuality or I suppose I was still discovering it. I discovered Rupauls Drag Race and then found myself fascinated with certain Drag Race stars. I would go to my local gay bars and watch my favorite drag performers perform. That’s when I really got inspired. I befriended all the local queens, one in particular, St. Peter D’Vil. Peter hosted an alternative drag night in Pomona and LA at the time and gave me my first booking in a drag show. From there my performance career kicked off, fast. I was booked everywhere from Riverside to LA. I also traveled with my drag daughter, Frankie Doom and we performed in Washington and Omaha, which was amazing. I love to travel! I established a drag family/tribe during this time. I’ve also hosted a lot of drag shows on my own and with other queens. Right now I host a show called Cinch at club ripples in long beach. The rest is history…

Keep Up With Ali Doom
InstaGram : @notorious_ali_doom
Twitter: @notriousalidoom
Snapchat: alidoom13