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Kinktra Unmasked

Apr 17, 2019

Jessie Lee queen of hearts and our dripping wet panties has come back to the main stage or in this case back into the adult industry to as she so lustfully quotes "ride all the D*icks!'. In this episode, we roll out the red carpet for the ever so sensational rock star of the adult industry. Jessie Lee took a break from the adult industry to set her focus well on life, but lucky for you she is back and to seduce the world. As Joanna Angel's protegee, we are sure to see Jessie Lee do some epic anal scenes, how soon? You will have to follow her to find out. Jessie Lee has recently signed with OC Modeling and is filming daily when she said its a comeback special she meant it. Jessie Lee also happens to have an incredible online personality, the body of a goddess and an insatiable sexual lust. She will sure take all the awards home next year and possibly your boyfriend and or girlfriend. 

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