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Kinktra Unmasked

Apr 24, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen Lotus Lain the super hero we have all been dreaming of. Lotus joined us in studio to educate us in the continued fight against FOSTA/SESTA, along with sharing some insight onto some incredibly exciting projects she is working on. Lotus is an erotic entity created by performance artist, Dee in 2012. Like her name suggests Lotus is loosely based off the Superman character Lois Lane. Like that character, Lotus is a writer & purveyor of truth inside the adult industry. However, like Superman, Lotus is the one who is Super and lives the more subdued life during her time away from the sex-charged spotlight of porn. Lotus is an activist for Sex Worker and Adult Performer’s Rights. She’s been able to expand that work this past year as Industry Relations Advocate for the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry’s trade association. Throughout her career she’s been a Dominatrix; winner of a 2014 XBIZ Award for Best All Girl Sex Scene; a published writer for Hustler Magazine, its online division, and the 2017 book release from Asa Akira, Asarotica. Most recently Lotus has worked with ACLU and SWOP-LA to influence nationwide decriminalization of sex work. She’s also a part of 5050by2020, a division of the Times Up Initiative to help create change around the way sex worker’s stories are being told in mainstream Hollywood. 

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